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The Trustees of the Maha Myatmuni pagoda in Mandalay has arranged to use computer system with effect from 15 May, 2014 for donation receipts. The system was donated by IT Star Software Development Co., Ltd.
Previously, regarding the donations to the pagoda, receipts were written by hands on paper forms. In place of this paper works now substituted by a computer system to record all donations. Particulars to print on the records are occasions of donations and amounts, donor’s name, full address, time & date of receipt, receiver’s name, etc.
The donations of gold leaf, multipurpose use, electric lights and cash in Kyats or foreign currencies are acceptable. Five sets of computers are installed to record these receipts; the main computer is to control all five computers placed in donation counters. All data of the donation will be stored in the main computer for fifteen years not alterable. If any problem arises regarding donation the responsible person who controls the main computer will solve with the help of computer systems, said the responsible person of the pagoda trustees.
Source from traveller, june 9 to 15, 2014