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The US Food and Drug Administration proposed measures last week that would ban the sale of e-cigarettes to consumers younger than 18, but would not restrict flavoured products, online sales or TV advertising, likely disappointing some public health advocates.

Electronic cigarette advocates lobbied against restrictions on flavours and advertising, saying they would stifle innovation. Critics argue flavours such as strawberry and butterscotch appeal to youngsters, while unrestricted advertising threatens to make the products glamorous and could act as a gateway to traditional cigarettes.

If finalised, the long-awaited proposal would subject the $2 billion e-cigarette industry to federal regulation for the first time. A law passed in 2009 gave the FDA authority to regulate cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and roll-your-own tobacco and stipulated the agency could extend its jurisdiction to other nicotine products after issuing a rule to that effect.

Resource from Myanmar First Bilingual Business Journal May 1,2014