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Thailand-based FoodStar’s juice is subject to examination by Myanmar’s food-safety authorities for alleged contamination with coliform and mould, Eleven Media reported.
According to lab results from the Myanmar Ministry of Cooperatives, samples of coliform and mould have been found in DeeDo juice.

If consumed, the inedible fungus in the food can cause massive intestinal and stomach cancers, said Ba Oak Khine, chairman of that country’s Consumer Protection Association.

Tin Zaw of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs said: “We have given directions to the offices in nine regions and districts to examine whether [contamination] has occurred in Yangon or in other places. Then, we will immediately send the samples to the Food and Drug Administration Department and wait for the results. We will take action depending on the outcome.”

Established in 1993, FoodStar has manufactured and distributed juice and yoghurt beverages under the DeeDo brand, which has been exported to many countries.

source: The Nation