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10 -2 -2014 To 16- 2-2014

The tourist arrivals in Myanmar have the potential to rise up be­cause of the situation in Thailand and decreasing the foreigner travelers in Thailand but the hotel business, airline business, restaurants and car rental services related to tourism should negotiate their cost as reasonably to attract the travelers depending on the situation, advised by the experts from the tourism sector.

Deputy President (2) U Thet Lwin from Myanmar Tourism Association said, “It is impossible to transfer the trip from Thailand to Myanmar. The travelers will choose the other countries which is cheaper than Myanmar because the expense in Myanmar is higher than other coun­tries.”.

In the current, the tourist arrival from Thailand is decreased but the foreign travelers from Western countries are bound to grow.

“The traveler from Amer­ican is going up because of the situation in Thailand,” said by the president U Zaw Win Cho from Myan­mar Tourism Association.”

The direct airlines to Myanmar is connected not only Thailand but also Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia countries so the situation in Thailand cannot effect the Myanmar Tourism.

He applied, “tourists have the potential to travel in Myanmar. But the airline transportation charges in Myanmar as locally is USD 100 so it is nearly equal the transportation fees of Bangkok which cost USD $120. In the restaurant, the foreigners have to use USD 10 to 12”.


Source : Traveller journal