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10 -2 -2014 To 16- 2-2014

The research project for the Irrawaddy dolphins on the analysis of protection and threatening factor will be operated depending on the dolphin population and life behavior in 11 to 26 January, 2014, announced by WCE.

The research team will be discovered along the Mandalay- Bamow to Manda­lay trip and 21 dolphins are researched at Irrawaddy dolphins’ maintenance zone between Min con and Kyauk Myu­ang city, 28 dolphins in the third narrow river between Shwegu and Tha Bake Kyin city and 14 dolphins in Narrow River of the surrounding Bamow city.

“We found more dolphins than past year but it doesn’t mean that the num­ber of dolphins is increasing. In the pre­vious year, we don’t discover most of the river as detail according to the condition so we can’t tell the number exactly. But the dolphins number found in this year meet the target of 2010,” said by the responsible person U Han Win from the Irrawaddy dolphins maintenance group.

The Irrawaddy dolphin’s research re­cord listed that 70 numbers of dolphins found in 2010, 50 number in 2013 and 63 number in 2014 as yearly.


Source : Traveller journal