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10 -2 -2014 To 16- 2-2014

The myanma railway planned to operate the Blue Train ordered from Japan was reconstructed for the passengers to match with the Myanmar rail road including the bed sec­tion of train (Upper class), the seat sector (Upper class), restaurant sector and the meeting sector with the purpose of the ef­ficiency of passengers and the Myanma railway.

The Train was con­structed with one bed sector of train (normal class) for 12 passengers comprised with eight rooms can take one passenger per room and 2 rooms of 2 passengers, three bed sectors of train (upper class) with 8 rooms for 2 passenger, one sector for 12 seats, three sectors of restau­rants for 28 travelers and the seat sectors for 52 passengers so the train is assembled with 9 sectors.

This train will be transported along the Bagan-Kyauk Pan Daung trip, Mawlamyine-Thein Byu rest house and Mandalay-Bagan trip and the tailored made trips. The proposals are invited from the tourism busi­nesses and the business which want to operate the restaurant industry to work with the Blue Train and the train will be rented as whole or partially to the tourism business for the tailor- made trip.

This train was located at Myit Nge Industry and on 15 January, the tourism businesses from Yangon and Mandalay are invited and explained. The businesses which are interested to rent the train and to sell the trip plan of the train can inquire at train industry at Myit Nge city, Mandalay region and collect information from the General Manager (Myit Nge Industry).

The interested tourism business can report the proposals to Myanma rail­way to the Director Gen­eral on 14 February and based on the proposals the rules will be issued and managed the tender so the tourism and restaurant businesses are invited.


Source : Traveller journal