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10 -2 -2014 To 16- 2-2014

The Irrawaddy River is starting to face with the problem of water traffic and low down the water lever accompanying with the delaying the trip and destroying the river, said by the travelers across the Irrawaddy River.

The motor driver said that this water traffic was started to happen in Feb­ruary as yearly but in this year is started to face on January.

“We only need to take a bit more than 1 hour from Mandalay to Mincon city. But now, we have to take more than 1 hour because of the water traffic and take longer way in the river, the sand is appearing in the river more than year after year so we have to take more time,” applied by the motor transporter.

The Irrawaddy river transportation between Mandaly- Bamow trip of Madayar Township, Shwe Bo district, Tha Bake Kyin Township, HtikintTown­ship, Shwe Ku Township and Kathar district are fac­ing with the water traffic.

The passengers across the Irrawaddy River said that,” the trip across the Mandalay- Bamow is difficult as it actually needs to take one day but we travelled it for three days and the worst is in the Ma Lwe and Thein Tang Wae Place.

During the lowing water level, repairing the river transportation and digging the sand above the water are performing.


Source : Traveller journal