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10 -2 -2014 To 16- 2-2014

The shopper in Chi­nese town said, “this is the 9th times as yearly to celebrate the competition of lion dancing ability with the purpose of be alive with the audience in the Chinese new year. Now the participants for this competition are also increasing. This year, eight teams will be participated and get a lot more joyful for the audience.”

This lion dancing is held each road and with the cooperation of Chinese Buddha monasteries, the dragon dancing competi­tions, Chinese traditional songs and dancing are demonstrated in one of the monasteries.

The nun from the Chinese Buddha monas­tery in South Oakkalapa Township said, “In the new year, we celebrate with the New Year song and dance with the cooperation of interested people in huge monasteries and do a wish at the related people house with the New Year dance.”

The owners from the present and food shop said, “The new year day is more important than normal day so the food, candles, joss and the other memorable presents are the high demand for the devotional offering of god and grandparents so the traditional food of Ei Kwe is the essential for paying homage.”

Chinese New year is the time to pay respect to god, angels, parents and grandparents and doing the wishes.

“We held the new year festivals and other pay­ing respect activities. We planned to pay respect with various foods at monasteries and home. We grant the reward money (ann Pound) and treat with foods to the groups of dragon dancing, lion danc­ing who went to home and do a wish,” applied by Daw San San from Baham.

The Chinese New Year festival is held across the roads, houses, monaster­ies with Chinese traditional ceremonies and in shopping centers, a lot of people are participated with New Year shopping festivals and other enter­tainments.


Source :Traveller journal