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Hot-air-balloon ride schedule at Mandalay, Mandalay Region has been postponed from 25 October 2013 to the second week of November, said Oriental Ballooning Myanmar Company.

Due to the bad weather condition, it is not ready to fly hot-air-balloon ride in the assigned October so the schedule is delayed like this, said Operation Director Daw Ni Ni Khine, Oriental Ballooning Myan­mar Company.

” Because of poor weath­er condition, test hot-air-balloon flying took place two times from 16 to 25 October. For passenger’s safety, we put off the date,” revealed Daw Ni Ni Khine.

6 ordered hot-air-bal­loons to fly are 4 big ones and 2 small ones to offer flying service. The big ones can take 8 passengers and the small is for 4 passen­gers.

” The aim of hot-air-bal­loon flying schedule is to enjoy a viewpoint of Man‑ dalay-by taking sky ride,” she continued to say.

Such flying schedule will be started from Mandalay. The flying schedule will be extended to Bagan and Inlay Lake.

,,              we have bought 12 bal­loons. Currently, we offer service with 6 balloons. We have ordered 6 bal­loons. Only 4 arrived. 2 will come by flight soon. After another balloons arrival, we will give service balloon flying to Bagan and Innlay region,” said the responsi­ble person from Oriental Ballooning Myanmar Company.

Pilots holding hot-air-balloon driving licence from US drive balloons with guaranteed security, said the above person.

Families and pairs can take the balloon ride. The company arranges life insurance for every rider, according to the source of Oriental Ballooning Myan­mar Company.

Source : The Traveller journal