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By – MYO WIN THU(MYANMAR)       4 – November – 2013

With the joint-effort of skilled engineers and ex­perts in water and sanitary facilities better means and ways are sought and ac­complished for providing improved sanitary facil­ities in 80 percent of the countryside in Myanmar, learnt from the responsible personnel from the minis­try of health.

Thus, globe tripper can now extend their visit to countryside as they do not find much problems regarding sanitary as before due to the improved sanitary facilities available in village, said one tourist guide who has been to countryside recently.

“We have to arrange trips to the country as some tourists want to learn the culture and lifestyle of the villages. The main problem was the toilet in the past and the availabil­ity clean water too before they go to bed. We have great problem when the village uses only lake water and when there is no toilet at all. However, out of their will, some tourists want to follow the practice natural­ly but the travel companies don’t let them do that way. Now, these problems are solved to a certain ex­tent. The living standard of every village has now improved and it is conve­nient to spend a night at a village, “the guide contin­ued to say.

It has been over 30 years that the health care department has carried out the 4-H Projects: water hygiene, food hygiene, personal hygiene and san­itary hygiene spreading to grassroots level at villages with the co-operation of local people.It is aimed to change the healthy habits of the local people through self-practice or propaga­tion.

When the artesian well was dug for the water sup‑ ply, it was learnt that their habits did not change. So, it can’t eradicate all the diseases just by building more toilets. It is under­stood now that these toilets will become the major disease transmis­sion places if it was not used hygienically. Now, many world organizations acknowledge the fact that it is necessary to enhance the hygienic living stan­dard of the society by the systematic use of clean toilets, water sources and proper maintenance.

Thus, many projects are underway on a large-scale to promote such knowl­edge of the people on sanitation and hygiene.

Without the practice of improved sanitary facilities and proper use. of water, more diseases can be transmitted. Thus, personal hygiene and food hygiene are included in 4-H projects, said a staff from Health Department.

Source : The Traveller journal