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By – HMUE EIN ZAW – MON(MYIT MA KHA)             4 – November – 2013

Since late 2011, more and more tourists are coming to Mon State and Kayin State but there are not enough tourist guides. Thus, Myanma Tour Guides Association (Mon/ Kayin Zone) office was set up to open training cours­es for tourist guide with the aim to promote the number of trained tourist guides.

The local populace who are interested in the job can join the course and so that they can assist the tourists to enjoy the trip at ease and convenience during the whole trip.

Myanmar Tourist Guide Association office was established and opened near Mon Hall, Dai”‘un Kwin Road, Mawlamyine on 26 Oct.

” More and more tourists come and visit Mon and Kayin State in late 2011. But the problem was not having enough guides to provide. Now, the local people from this area who are interested in tourist guide job can come and contact our office. Then, our office will inform the related ministry to open the tourist guide course here,” said the chairman of Myanma Tour Guides Association (Mon/ Kayin Zone) U Tun Min Aung.

The ministry will issue the tourist guide licence to those who have completed the training so that it will increase the job prospects of the local populace. It will also facilitate the tourists in their visit and boom the local economy more, he continued to say.

Furthermore, hotels and guesthouses will be jointed for global tourists to be ease and smooth and after emerging skilled tour guides, tourism industry will be fruitful.

” It creates opportunity for local people. We have friends who wanted to be tour guides. But we had

no idea how to join the job and faced difficulty. When our country becomes transparent, tourist entry is flowing with momentum,” said Mon State local youth.

There are many tourist destinations in Mon State and Kayin State. Kyite Thee Yoe Pagoda in Mon State attracts tourist. Mon State government is upgrading beaches like Sett Se’ Beach. Meanwhile, Me’ Souk­Mawlamyine direct flight is underway to ply.

Source : The Traveller journal