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By – THURA        4 – November – 2013

It is learnt more and more tourists who are Buddhist devotees came and paid homage to Sule pagoda in the heart of metro Yangon than other months according to one of the board of Pagoda Trustees. From June to September, 2013 (during the rain retreat) about 7000 tourists came to the pagoda and most of them are from Thailand, China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Nowadays, Buddhist tourists come to pay obei­sance the pagoda and they also do religious services like saying prayers and reciting Paritta in union. Most of them are Thai. He continued that many more Buddhist tourists are hoped to be coming to the pagoda in the coming open season from October to February. The entrance fees for the foreignersare just two dollars and local pilgrims can also pay homage to the Sule Pagoda daily.

Source – The Traveller journal