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By – MIN HEIN HTET ( MYANMAR )             4 – November – 2013

The case of taking legal action counted up to near­ly 2000 cars for driving at a high speed more than the restricted speed onYan­gon-Mandalay Highway , as per the Highway Traffic Police. Ongoing cars were checked by Redflex so as to reduce the number of the road accident caused by the over speed or high speed driving on the Highway.

“By the use of Redflex ( Car speed checking device), 1915 cars were taken legal action for their over speed driving,” said lieutenant SoeXVin of the Highway Traffic Police Force.

Such precaution actions as checking of the cars on the highway by using Redflex , putting up the Traffic signal signposts, traffic direction signposts and warning signposts not to drive more than the restricted speed are in process , there are still many car drivers who do not obey the traffic rules and regulations.

Since 1st April, the legal action has been taken against the car drivers who drive the cars more 100 kilometer ( per hour ( restricted speed) by the use of Redflex. So, about 2000 cars were taken into legal action within the 7 months.

These cars sent up to the Traffic Rules and Reg­ulation Courts for trials in such places as Court of lam in Insein, Yangon Region, Court of Law in Zabuthiri township, Naypyay Taw and another court in Man­dalay. As penalty charges, they had to pay K-31,500 at Yangon and Mandalay and 1,500 at Nay Pyi Taw Council area.

“Since the highway is a concrete road, most drives fill up the tyres with nitrogen before the trip. The tyres can blast on the concrete road if they fill up the tyres as usual due to the high pressure. If the road is tar-road, the air pressure can’t rise due to the gravity of the tar-road. Most drivers drive with great precaution to avoid the accidents,” said one taxi driver from the car rental service.

This Yangon-Nay Pyi Taw-Mandalay Highway was constructed on the ba­sis of State budget without taking any international financial aids. As a joint effort of the Ministry of Construction and the local engineers, it took six years to complete the construc­tion of 366 miles 6 furlong.

Since the opening ofYangon-Nyi Pyi Taw-Man‑ dalay Highway in March 2009 to Oct 22, 2013, there were 478 road accidents resulting 284 causalities and 1092 injuries, learnt from Highway Traffic Po­lice Office.

Ygn-NPT Highway was built on 10 Oct, 2005, com­pleted on 3 March 2009 and put into service on 25 March 2009. Ygn-Mdy Highway was built in July 2008, completed in Dec, 2011. If any accident or emergency case happens, you can inform ph: 067­810087 and 09-4324126, the Highway Police Office for any help, learnt from the Highway Police Office.

Source – The Traveller journal