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By – PYING SIT THWAY MIN              4 – November – 2013

Visa is allowed to be used now not only for the convenience of tourists who come to Myanmar but also for local who are going abroad.

By using Visa, the local people can enjoy the ben­efits such as up-to-date payment system, more security for travellers on business than taking money or cheque along with them. In the same way, the vacation mak­ers can also draw money from ATM machine, buy things at shops and do the on-line purchase using the visa card. Thus, the use of prepaid card has become popular. This multi-cur­rency Travel Prepaid Card is the pioneer card which can be used three kinds of currency (Euro, US and. Singapore) with one card. It supplies the needs of the local people who have to go abroad. It helps to do shopping at over tens of millions of shops (online or in-store) (which accepts Visa service) and to draw money at 2 million ATM machines all over the world.

The current Visa is arranged through the joint co-operation of Myanmar Banks for the convenience of local people to use the very first Visa Multi-cur­rency Prepaid Card during their visit in foreign coun­tries. This acts as the major in foreign mile-stone for the progress of financial system in Myanmar. More­over, it opens the oppor­tunity of the world market to the local Myanmar who goes abroad on business or on vocation.

Nowadays, Visa card holders draw money from 250 ATM machines and make payment at 6000 shops in Myanmar.

By – The Traveller journal