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CEO of CB bank, U Kyaw Lin said that now East Travel Master Cards which can be used in 210 coun­tries for the payment and e-payment can be bought in all the CB branch banks both in Yangon and other towns.

The card can be used to UD$ 5000 maximum and the card user must have 20 dollars as the least balance. The card user can recharge the balance within hours.

East Travel Master Card is the rechargeable credit card and so Myanmar citizens can use this card when they go abroad.This card is launched in Myanmar as the pioneer electronic payment card for e-payment. The applicant of the card must pay 8000 kyats for applica­tion and 2 dollars for the monthly service charges’ The service charges for the money withdraw at foreiger ATM machines will be 3 dollars.

To use the card, the user has to wait only for 24 hours after paying mon­ey and then the card can be ready to use, said the responsible personnel of the CB bank.


Source – The Traveller journal