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VOICE DAILY (10.9.2013)

“United Nations Educa­tional Scientific and Cultur­al Organization (UNESCO) will pay a visit to Hanlin which was a civilized ancient Pyu city from 2nd BC to 9th BC to investigate for World Heritage Status in January, 2014″, said by U Myint Than, assistant director of the Department of Archaeology, National Museum and Library in Shwebo.

“As a bid for World Heritage Status, 33 brick structures are excavated and being maintained and prepared according to the UNESCO’s standard. And an Archaeological Museum is built in Hanlin Village”, he said.

According to the Depart­ment of Archaeology, National Museum and Library in Shwebo, “Re­garding with the prepara­tions to be considered for World Heritage Status and about maintaining ancient heritages of Phy people, the public talks and puz­zles are arranged for the residents and 362 students from Halin Village High School.”

U Myint Than said that the brick structures and ru­ined building of the ancient city are being preserved and the boundary stone pillars are also being set up. More­over, the high standard toi­lets, the sign-boards which show the directions of tour­ist attractions and repairing roads are undertaking. During the visit of UNESCO to the three ancient Pyu cities, Beikthano, Hanlin and Sri Ksetra in August for the World Heritage status, some difficulties occurred because of the squatters” , said by the official from the Department of Archaeolo­gy, National Museum and Library.