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VOICE DAILY (10.9.2013)

“The progress to inscribe the Yangon’s colonial build­ings can be started at the end of this month”, said by the authorized woman from Yangon Heritage Trust. This plan is collaborated with the Yangon Heritage Trust and the electronic company, Philips. It is intended to inscribe about 200 historical buildings in Yangon by spending US$ 75,000.

“The exact date is not yet sure and it can be next month”, she said.

“According to the original plan, it is aimed to begin the preparation in September and finish all inscription works of about 200 colonial buildings according to the list of YHT, within two years”, announced by those two organizations at the World Economic Forum.

Yangon Heritage Trust was established in 2012 and its mission is to promote and protect the Yangon’s architec­tural heritages. The details of the historical building will be described on the plaques.

Source: The Traveller Journal