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7 DAY DAILY (13.9.13)

Though it is said that the foreigner entrance fee for Shwedagon Pagoda would be raised starting from October, there is no plan to rise the entrance fee for Botataung Kyaik DayAt Pagoda and Sulay Pagoda.

“We have no current plan to rise. But I am not sure for later,” said U Aung Su, member of Botataung  Kyaik Day At Pagoda trustee broad.

Botataung Kyaik Day At Pagoda has seen foreign tourist entry since 2 years ago. The entrance fee has increased from U.S $ 2 to 3 later last year.

“In the previous years, Asians come as foreign tourists whereas Europeans visit here now,” said the member of Botataung Kyaik Day At Pagoda trustee broad.

The news is received that no plan to be up the present entrance fee U.S $ 2 has come out yet. For tourist safeguarding, Tourism Police carry duty with day shift and night shift, said the member of Botataung Kyaik Day At Pagoda.

After being up from U.S $ 5 to 8 for Shweda­gon Pagoda entrance fee, signboards with English version at stupas, Bud­dha images, statues and significant places will be hung and pamphlet with English language will be delivered for free.


Source: The Traveller Journal