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DAILY ELEVEN (13.9.13)

Myanmar has granted licence to 859 hotels and guess houses. Yangon, the commercial city, having 217 hotels and 9451rooms runs the top, according to the source of statistic of Hotels and Tourism Ministry.

859 Hotels getting licence granted from the Director­ate of Hotels and Tourism possess 31321 rooms. 217 hotels holding 9451 rooms in Yangon, 90 hotels owning 3886 rooms in Mandalay, 40 hotels included 2640 rooms in Nay Pyi Taw, 76 hotels containing 2351 rooms in Bagan, Naung Oo and 66-hotel having 1837-room have been opened and licence for hotel is given regionally.

In Yangon, Center Point Tower Hotel, Rose Garden Hotel, Shangrila Hotel and Novotel Yangon Hotel projects are underway to be constructed with foreign investment.

In Center Point Tower Hotel project being estah­lished by Thai L.P Holding Co., Ltd, office rooms have been opened and then 300 hotel rooms will be com­pleted to set up within 2013, as a respective source.

Rose Garden Hotel proj­ect being constructed by Hong Kong based Emerald Rose Garden Ltd will be fin­ished in building 200 rooms in 2013 and 88 rooms in 2014 totalling 288 rooms. On Kan Taw Gyi Lake Avenue Road, Shangrila Hotel project-in progress with the setting up of Singapore based Shangrila group will include Serviced Apartment and business class room. As the first step, to open 2 Ser­viced Apartments having 240 rooms at the end of this November is proceeding.

Novotel Yangon Hotel project being built by Max Myanmar Company would be international standard hotel with 366-room and is being planned to open within this year.


Source: The Traveller Journal