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7DAYDAILY (16.9.13)

Daw Aye Mara Thar, Marketing manager of MAI said that MAI will fly free of charge for remain­ing over 1000 Myanmar migrant workers who want to come back from Malaysia.

There are over 1,000 Myanmar workers who registered in Myanmar Embassy in Malaysia to come back to Myanmar. Some people who were arrested by Malaysia police and lived in camps also include in this group. “We will provide assistances freely for all who want to return home. It is learnt that there were still over 1000 workers.” said by Daw Aye Mara Thar from Myanmar Airways International.

167 legal workers including children from Malaysia had arrived to Myanmar on 13th Sep­tember. Sitagu Sayadaw donated 500 Ringid for the release of prisoners and the free tickets are provided by MAI and Air KBZ.

In June, MAI and Air KBZ helped over 3,000 Myanmar migrant workers to return home with free of charge.

Source: The Traveller Journal