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News has been received that the collection of visitor’s fee of Ks.2000 to Mandalay Hill from foreign tourists with effect from October 1st has been postponed.

U Nyo Win, treasurer in the board of trustees of Mandalay Hill, said thus: “Collection of the fee has been postponed because some work-projects that would provide additional service to foreign visitors have not yet been com­pleted. We cannot say yet when the fee would be collected”.

Services that would justify the collection of the fee include the building two viewing places from where foreign visitors could watch the sunset and the renovation of escalators and lifts, said a member of the board of trustees.

Presently, Ks. 1000 is being collected as fee for the use of cameras. But, as the revenue thus generat­ed is too small to cover the work-projects meant for the convenience of foreign tourists, it has been decided to collect a visitor’s fee, said the board of trustees. The board of trustees said that the collected fees would be spent on work-projects providing services to foreign visitors and for the development of Mandalay Hill as a whole.

U Win Zaw Oo, secre­tary of Myanmar Tourist Guides Association (Man­dalay Zone), said that they would send a letter containing suggestions with regard to the col­lection of Ks.2000 from foreign tourists visiting Mandalay Hill.

He said: “Foreigners could misunderstand the collection of fees at the pagoda. That is why we are sending our sugges­tions”.

According to tourist guides, foreigners visit­ing the Maha Myat Muni Image have to give Ks. 1000 in addition to the fee for Mandalay Hill and tourists are not fully satisfied with the situation.

Each foreign tourist has to pay Ks.10,000 as zone fee, valid for five days, for visiting Mandalay, Amara­pura, Inwa, Paleik, etc.

Source The Traveller Journal