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To boom tourism industry, it is needed for tourism law to suitable with the current time and for hotel room rental fee to be stable, expressed the point of view from Myanmar Tour Guides Association.

Currently, Myanmar is applying 1993 hotel and Tourism Law. As some facts in these laws are not consistent with present time, it is necessary to amend these laws, Secretary U Ko Ko Latt, Myanmar Tour Guides Association.

“The key challenge for global tourist to Myanmar is increasing price of hotel room. The charge should be stable systematically run by hoteliers abiding codes of practice. For long term, perfect service is a must. Otherwise, tourists will visit Myanmar one time and they don’t think to visit again because of high expenditure. That should not be. The State needs to heighten 2014 budget for tourism promo­tion. Only after knowing about budget, experts and advisors can suggest,” he said.

For regular tourist entry, it is required to draft Long Time Plan and to get full urban illustrations such as water, electric, transpor­tation and service. So that tourist rate which the State hopes will be reached, he added.

Since tourists who visit Myanmar would like to know Myanmar culture and tradition, to be preserved and upgraded cultural regions is necessitated, the experts spoke out.

Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has permitted 1132 licences to tour operators, 190 licences to transportation operators and 3343 licences to tour guides.


Source: The Traveller Journal