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With the cooperation between Ministry of Home affairs of the Republic of Union of Myanmar and German based Hanns Seidel Foundation, work­shop on Myanmar tour police sector in responsible tourism industry was held at Central Hotel on Bogyoke Aung San Road on 29-30 August.

On the ceremony, Mr. Achim Munz (Myanmar Representative Officer) gave a welcome speech. Then, Police Commander Myo Min Oo (head of depart­ment (first class) (Admin, Security and Inspection) Myanmar tour police unit said that due to Myan­mar policy and economic reform, world travel and hotel and tourism industry have developed in Myanmar. As there is a need to set up a unit for tour police to accommodate tourists to be convenient and safe, the unit has been formed in February 2013. The unit is to prevent from entering gangsters following with flourishing tourism sector and crime and to alleviate trafficking with the cooper­ation of Ministry of Home Affairs. He presented that among facing challeng­es within the formation period of tour police unit, facts which are not real in practice and should be cancelled and those which should be added again to be discussed reciprocally to get perfect facts. He also ex­plained that the unit would be to collaborate with international tour police units after connecting with them and aim and objectives of workshop.

After that, responsible persons from Myanmar responsible tourism industry talked over policy of Myanmar responsible tourism industry, the Don’ts for tourists in Myanmar, the sector of neighbouring countries’ tour police, natural upris­ing and solving problems facing tourists. The work­shop was divided into two sections to be discussed within two days. Tour police unit members held talks among four groups within the two-day workshop. The conversed topics are about duty of tour police unit, the teamwork of other concerned organiza­tions, seizure, prohibition, investigation, crime and child violence, physical sex crone, trafficking, the abuse of drug (trade), accidental injury and robbery. The workshop is held according to the topics like world tea table.

After that, the results of workshop were presented to discuss again and at­tendees provided necessary points for the results. The workshop was held from 9 a.m to 5 p.m on 29-30 August.        KYEMON (2.9.13)

Source: The Traveller Journal