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The joint Myan­mar-American climbing expedition had successfully climbed the snow-covered, 19192-ft (5850m) Ganlamrazi moun­tain (in Myanmar’s extreme north in Kachin State), whose summit no climbing party had reached before.

It is learnt that the mem­bers of the joint climbing party plan to return from Tahundan Village to Putao by helicopter if the weather permits.

According to a press release made by the Gan­lamrazi climbing expedi­tion, they plan to make the two-day trek to Tahundan Village which is the nearest to their base camp set up at about 16,000 feet. They plan to fly by helicopter from the village to Putao.

Ko Nyi Nyi Aung, a mem­ber of the Myanmar Moun­taineering Association who has been liaising with the joint climbing party and re­leasing news to the outside world, said that Ganlamrazi could be declared 90 feet higher than Khakaborazi, which is presently regarded as the highest mountain in South East Asia, only after careful calculations are made based on the refer­ence indexes in old maps used previously and infor­mation provided by the GPS system.

The attempt on the Ganlamrazi summit began at 3:OO AM in the morning of September 7th and Myan­mar climber Ko Pyae Phyo Aung and five American mountaineers became the first persons to reach the summit at 2:OOPM in the afternoon.

“What we do know is this wonderful feat is a new page in the mountaineering his­tory of South East Asia. We can take pride and say that we have many mountains in our country which consti­tute challenges to moun­taineers all over the world”, said Ko Nyi Nyi Aung.

The persons who reached the summit are Andy Tyson, Molly Tyson, Chris Nance, Mark Fisher, Pyae Phyo Aung and Eric Dutt and they returned to the base camp at 7:30PM in the evening.

U Ye Min, a member of the Myanmar Mountain­eering Association who had climbed snow-covered mountains in Myanmar before, said thus: “I feel very proud of them. I’m very happy for them. There are still many such unclimbed, unnamed mountains left in Kachin State. We will have to make attempts to climb these mountains”

The climbing expedition, which began mid-August and estimated to take 42 days, is organized by the Myanmar-Fonyin travel company.

No news has yet been released on who was the first person from the summit team to reach the top of Ganlamrazi. Likewise, no news was released on who had reached the summit of Khakaborazi first.

The highest mountain in Myanmar, and in South East Asia, is the Khakabo­razi, whose height is 19294 feet (5881m) in the extreme north of Kachin State. A Myanmar national of Tibet­an race, Namar Johnson, and a Japanese mountain­eer, Ozaki (now deceased), successfully reached Khakaborazi’s summit at 3:12PM in the afternoon on September 15th, 1996.

Source: The Traveller Journal