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Union Minister of Immi­gration and Population, U Khin Yi, Union Minister of Hotels and Tourism, U Htay Aung, Kayin State Security and Border Affairs Minister Col Aung lwin, Kayin State Transport Minister U Khin Maung Myint , Kayin State Social Welfare Minister U Chit Hlaing attended a press meet on launching of the permission to enter and depart from Myanmar for Myanmar-Thai citizens and third country citizens at Ayechanphyo Hall in Myawaddy, on 28th August.

The media persons and locals asked the government officials about the visa on arrival, the permission to take the foreigners’ vehi­cles across the border, the permission for Myanmar nationals who depart from the Airport with passport to enter Myanmar through the border checkpoints, the opening and closing hour of Thai-Myawaddy Friend­ship Bridge will be changed or not, and at present,  Myawaddy locals hold one day Border Pass and one year Border Pass and it is allowed to enter Myanmar with these Border Pass by taking Nok Air line from Mae-Sot or not, etc.

The government officials replied the queries that Myanmar allows entry and exit of tourists with six visas. Myanmar also shares with five neighbouring countries and has (16) border check points. Now, the visitors are allowed to visit any place freely except restricted ar­eas and Myanmar nationals who have identity cards can enter Myanmar with entry visa. But the foreigners are not permitted to overland with vehicles at present as Myanmar is right-hand traffic country and the neighbouring countries are left-hand traffic. Myawaddy locals, holding temporary border passes could not take the flight. And the officials expound on the parameters of the new reg­ulation to the audiences.

REF: M YANMAR A LIN, 30-8-2013