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News has been received that ATR aircraft belonging to Myanmar Airways oc­curred a mechanical prob­lem on Yangon-Sittwe route and the passengers were moved to 19-seated Beech aircraft on 28th August.

An official from Civil Avia­tion Department said:”The plane’s engine is good .But the air-con is in bad condition and that flight is substituted with another plane.”

It is learnt that the delays occurred by carrying 15 passengers in each route with another plane.

Myanmar Airways flies Yangon-Sittwe-Ann route on every Wednesday. The official of Civil Avia­tion Department said that it is used to substitute with an­other aircraft for the safety of the passengers if the regular one has the minor aircraft problems such as oil leakage and flat tyre, etc.

Myanmar Airway reduces the cost of Yangon-Sittwe air tickets. The cost of ticket for ATR-72 aircraft is Ks. 56,000 per person and Ks. 63,000 for Embraer-190 aircraft.

Source: The Traveller Journal