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Visa extension in country Tala Deaton Dec 01 06:39PM -0800 I posted a couple months ago requesting any leads on a visa broker such that I might extend my already expired business visa in country. A few of you requested that I let you know what I found out, so here it goes: To begin, I never found a visa broker, so instead requested that my husband, who is Burmese, facilitate the process for me. He did so, and successfully managed to get my visa extended without me having to leave the country. The process took just over two months from start to finish. And while inclined to believe that being married to a Burmese citizen helped my case, I was told that it was not the deciding factor. If you are reading this then the likelihood is you have already read the posts on business visas and their requirements, so I won’t repeat that information here, but simply say that if you have a sponsor on the Myanmar side (in my case, it was my husband’s company) and go through the relevant line Ministry for that company, then you should be able to extend your visa in country as I was able to do. What may be difficult however, is finding someone to do it on your behalf who can speak the language fluently (that is if you’re like me and still haven’t learned the language after many years here), as most processes (appeals, paperwork) need to be done in the Burmese language. Furthermore, if you are considering trying to extend in country, doing so well in advance of your visa’s expiration will make the process far easier, as once expired an extension must be approved by the line Minister, and that’s when things become less certain. If anyone wishes to know more in terms of where to go and what to provide please let me know and I’ll try my best to help you.

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Tobias Dec 02 01:30AM -0800

Hi Tala, I did the same a couple of years ago. I am interested to know what type of stay permit you obtained – 3 or 6 months ? 3 months = 90 USD; 6 months = 180 USD? Do they still hand out this brown sheet of paper (Foreigner Registration Certificate?), that is larger than usual A4 paper, along with a full page ink stamp in your passport? And, most important, does your stay permit allow you to leave the country at anytime before it expires, without loosing the stay permit once you left the country? I would say no, but maybe they changed the rule… Many thanks Tobias