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Since the Myanmar’s military leadership relinquished power to civilian president Thein Sein, the government has begun a serious of reforms intended to make the nation more attractive to tourists.

Just recently The Cola Company announced it will once again begin selling its popular refreshment drink in Myanmar after a 50 years ban.

Additionally the country focuses on enticing tourists with exotic Western attractions. One such endeavor Myanmar hopes will bring thousands of visitors, is body building.

Once taboo, young beautiful women are now allowed to pose on stage in tight shorts and T-shirts flexing their muscles; all to the delight of foreigners willing to spend money in a country where natives are amongst the poorest people on earth.
Myanmar’s government hopes that by ‘intertwining’ Western culture with its own will give the country a sense of freedom not previously available while ruled under the military regime.

The country offers amazing natural resources and combined with such spectacles as body building, Myanmar hopes to dramatically increase its tourism revenue which in turn will generate many jobs for natives and allow for a flourishing economy and better prosperity.
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