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One of the many incarnations of Lord Buddha was as young man named Thuwunna Thama(or the Golden Youth).

His was a pitiful existence. The family was poor. His two old parents were ill and infirm, as well as blind. The family live in the forest, gathering wood and lived off the land.But the young man , Thuwunna Thama, was ever the dutiful son. He would go into the forest daily and look for food for his two elderly parents.

One day, to his misfortune, he rummaged under an pile of wood where underneath coiled a deadly python. The disturbed python shot his venom into young Thuwunna Thama and he fell into a coma.

The day grew old. The two old parents waited for their son who was late and became worried.Having no means to call for help they solemnly made vows to heaven that their son, Thuwunna Thama, had always been a good son. He had taken care of his elderly parents conscientiously and if these words be true, may the heavens help them.

Their honest words reached the Abode of the Celestials and the throne of the King of the Celestials (Sakra) became hard as marble. Sakra investigated the cause of this phenomenon and saw the plight of the two infirm couple and he transformed himself into human form, came down to earth and asked the two old persons what would be their earnest wish if their sights were to be restored.

Both of them replied “We would like to see our son, Thuwunna Thama, come back to us with a pot of gold on his head”!

Sakra granted their wish not only restoring their sights but also he revived their son Thuwunna Thama.

And the two elderly couple saw their son emerge from the forest with a pot of gold on his head.

This beautiful story teaches us that the children has the moral duty to look after their own parents with pure hearts and enduring love, caring for them in their twilight years, paying back with gratitude, the love and sacrifices the parents had showed to them in their formative years. And it is the wish of every parents to see the children prosper in the world.

But sadly,the moral of this story is getting lost in the daily race after wealth and fame in this modern world.

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