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Ministry of Post and Telecommunication issued a letter on 2nd March 2011 signed by the Managing Director asking all Cyber Cafes to stop using Voip, voip prepaid card, call back such as Skype, pFingo, Vzo, Oovoo even Gtalk.

The Ministry went on to mention that the VOIP calls decrease the income made by the Ministry for overseas calls. Currently VOIP call to Malaysia cost about 50 Kyats per minute whereas MPT Overseas call cost about 900 kyats per minute.

This will further enrage many families of overseas workers who had hard time trying to contact their loved ones with degrading connection which can barely use text messages according to an shareholder from Myanmar Info-Tech Corp. Ltd.

Recently Aung Sun Suu Kyi announced that she will use Twitter to reach the world but the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication seemed it had no problem with Twitter as it did not affect its income.