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We have new web site dedicated to Dawei Port :

Myanmar is yet to see its largest international Industrial Zone in Dawei and the news about this new deep sea port and industrial zone are coming out from street. The 8 billion dollar project seemed to be floating amidst political play and bank loans.

After signing the MOU with Secretary 1 of Myanmar, Italian-Thai, the dawei deep sea port’s main developer is heard to have been looking for sizable partner but ADB, Karsikon Bank and the likes. Most of the banks shun Italian-Thai as the economic sanctions are still in place and the support of major shipping and manufacturers are doubtful. Just when the Chinese support becomes the main and most viable option, the Chinese have different ideas. They are more willing to deal direct with Myanmar Government who is favouring Chinese connection these days.

The future of Dawei Port is bleak while the deep sea port at Kyauk Phyu is like an awakening giant. Therefore turn of tide may be more favourable for Kyauk Phyu Deep Sea Port while Dawei has to wait a bit more.