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Visa on arrival will be suspended from 1st Sep 2010

THE Department of Immigration and National Registration will stop
issuing visa on arrival to foreign travellers at Yangon and Mandalay
airports from September 1, a department spokesperson said last week.
The spokesperson said the reason for the stoppage was so the
department could “check the records of tourist arrivals” but did not
“Since this system was introduced, we have carefully watched how
visitors have been using it. After September 1 we will study the
system and check the records of tourist arrivals, that’s why the
Ministry of Home Affairs decided to stop issuing visas on arrival,” he
A spokesperson from state-run Myanmar Travel and Tourism (MTT) at
Yangon International Airport confirmed the announcement and said
airlines and travel agents had been informed of the decision.
“It is confirmed that VOA will stop issuing from September 1. It seems
to be temporary but for now all tourists and business travellers will
have to apply in advance for a visa at Myanmar embassies or use the
pre-arranged visa on arrival through travel agents,” he said.
“We got call from MTT office saying that the visa on arrivals would be
stopped from September 1 but they didn’t give any details about the
suspension,” said one Yangon-based tour operator.
The visa on arrival system was introduced on May 1 and hailed as a
“breakthrough” for the tourism industry. It allowed foreign visitors
from any country can apply for a visa on arrival when passing through
Yangon and Mandalay international airports without having to make any
prior arrangements with travel agencies.