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It was a rare word “objection” almost never heard in any of the General Meetings of government sponsored Associations such as Tourism association of Myanmar aka. UMTA.

The meeting was held on July 2nd at Park Royal Hotel attended by Deputy Minister of Hotels and Tourism, Chairman of UMTA and some 150 members, press, officials and observers. The meeting went according to agenda until the so called new executive committee (EC)members are announced. When asked if there is any objectio to the newly (self-)elected EC, Aye Kyaw from Ruby Land Travel stood up on the second round of question being announced. He objected one of the EC.

There is a low roar in the ball room and eyes are wide open from the sleepiness of the mediocre order of the day. This is the first time ever that a member of the association objected bluntly at a General meeting. The Chairman, the EC had no clue what to do. The meeting stopped for a good minute. Then someone suggested since we have a “Tha-bar Pati” (who also confessed he came to know he is the “Tha-bar Pati” while entering the ball room on the day) he should preside over this situation. So the “Tha-bar Pati” stood up and solemnly announced that he knows nothing. And later he asked if there is anyone who support Aye Kyaw’s objection. Of course, the guy sitting next to Aye Kyaw supported the idea. So there were two.
The “Tha-bar Pati” was confused. He then asked if there is anyone who want to object the Aye Kyaw’s objection. Since there was no answer, he asked if there is anyone supporting the idea of electing the objected person. There was no answer either. So he made a novel conclusion that since there are majority of the people not objecting the idea of electing the person in question, he decided to reject Aye Kyaw’s objection and moved to put down the mic and go back to his seat with a big sigh. Well, believe me, it happened.

Someone in the crowd whispered – What! This is not right! Well. the deputy minister thinks so too. He told the “Tha-bar Pati” who is a retired army colnel and deputy Director General, that he was wrong. He had to picke up the mic again and asked why Aye Kyaw would object. Aye Kyaw now given a chance, spit out that the company in question issued false air-tickets to him and he has put up complaints to the ministry and how that particular ticketing company is managed by a figurehead and the real owner is managing from behind so on and so forth. The Tha-bar Pati had to quickly intervene that no personal matters should bring forward and to concentrate on the finalization of EC approval. He looked to Deputy Minister who told him to count the number of objection and those who opposed it. So it went that there were 3 objection and no “objection” to objection. So far non of the EC member voiced anything.

Well lets see the comments how it ended…