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Nargis Cyclone Aftermatch

Nargis Cyclone Aftermatch

Myanmar Latest News: Cyclone Aftermath

Yangon 9 May: Supplies and Aids flowing in to Myanmar’s worst hit by Cyclone Nargis. World Food Programme’s 2 planes landed at Yangon International Airport after authorities have given permission. But Aid agencies said this is not enough and many more supplies are waiting to be shipped to Myanmar awaiting approval from the government.
According to some news agencies, it is very difficult for the aid workers to get visa to come in to Myanmar. US, UK and France promised to help the cyclone affected area with millions and millions of dollars quoting Ms. Rice.
The worst hit areas in the Irrawaddy delta are Bogalay and MawlamyaingKyun. Most of the deaths are due to Tidal Waves as 150 mph wind created 3.7 meter waves.