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Myanmar Embassy in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Address : No.8C, Jalan Ampang Hilir, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The operational hours are from 9.30am to 12.30 for application of Visa.
Collection time is : 4pm to 5pm.

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How to get there :Nearest station is Ampang Park on the Putra LRT Line. There are two exits which bring you up on the two different sides of the road (Jalan Ampang). The exit on the left as you come up the escalators brings you out on the correct (South) side of the road.

Head East along Jalan Ampang. You should pass a big McDonalds on the left and then cross over the 6 lane Jalan Tun Razak. Keep going East for about ten minutes walk, past the Embassies for China on the right; France, Spain and Thailand on the left, until you go under an elevated pedestrian bridge, then past a crazy steakhouse on the right (Victoria Station) (it has a train sticking out the side of it). 50m after the Steakhouse, turn right just after residential tower, Lanson Place.

Walk 200m to the roundabout, take the first (left) exit from it and the Myanmar Embassy is the first gate on the left. The visa gate isn’t marked and is a bit of a melee (pic). If you reach the sign for the embassy.

Inside the gates, tourist visas are processed on the right side. Residents join the massive crowd on the left. It's about a 20-25 minute walk along Jalan Ampang before making a right turn.
Visa Procedure :You need to fill out a form. There are many versions that can be found on the internet, but the one I used and accepted was this: copy is enough. You have to submit this with a arrival/departure form which is given to you by the airline.
(1)Documents you need for a tourist application :The application form which can be obtained at the counter, 2 passport sized photos (white background), passport original 6months or more validity, one copy passport photostate, and travel itinerary. The validity to use the visa is Three months.
Children travelling need a a copy of their birth certificate to accompany all applications. (thumb print was needed)
(2) Fees:
Normal : Malaysian Ringgit RM 80 (5 working days)
Express: Malaysian Ringgit RM 150 (2 working days)
Application acceptable only in the mornings.
(3) photos
photocopy of your passport
photocopy of your travel ticket (return)
The working days are counted inclusive of the day of application.
- passport (with 6 months validity, IIRC)
-two passport photos (for me they just took a scan of the photo; embedded the image on the visa printout and gave me back one of the photos when I collected the visa),
-copy of the data page of your passport on A4 paper
-cash in MYR
- If you are going for the express service (2 working days), you have to supply flight printouts (tickets/itineries); but that seems to be just to support the urgency of your request – ordinary turnaround timers don’t need to show flight info. The collection date and time is noted on your receipt. The sign for the Express service says 2 working days. Some people can push for a next day turnaround, as they had flights booked for the day after. Form: Pretty straightforward. Ask for it at the window as there are different forms for the different types of visa on offer. Don’t put your occupation as a journalist, especially if you aren’t one.
(5) Other:There doesn’t seem to be any photocopying facilites or photo-booths in the immediate area. The visa-clock starts ticking when you enter Myanmar. You get 28 days. You have to enter Myanmar within 3 months of getting the visa, otherwise it expires.

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Tel : +95 9 8623435

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