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Visa online through visa portal

The visa can be issued in advance, either online, using the services of the portal Myanmar visa. In this case, the Ministry of Tourism prepares a preliminary permit visa (Pre-arranged Visa On Arrival), based on which, upon arrival in Myanmar passport tourist visa sticker will be pasted. The visa is issued for one entry, duration of stay - 28 days.

To obtain such permission is necessary to book your flights and hotels (either directly or through a host of tourist Myanmar), then directly to the Visa website portal complete an application for a visa.

The questionnaire indicated personal data of the applicant, father's name, place of employment, address, number and place of issue of the passport, date of entry and exit from the country, flight, route (days, with the names of hotels and / or the host company) email address.

After filling out the questionnaire must pay the visa application fee and the fee for processing documents with credit card VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or from your account in the payment system PayPal (this form of payment is preferable from the point of view of protection from fraud when paying).

The visa fee is $ 30, the service - $ 40. You can pay immediately or only $ 70 service fee - $ 40. In this case, the application fee must be paid upon arrival at passport control. Visa fees are returned to the applicant, if for some reason he did not get a visa. The service fee is non-refundable.

After completing the payment process (by card or through PayPal) to the email address of the applicant will receive a letter with a request to approve the payment only after the confirmation of the money will be debited from the account of the applicant.

You also need to e-mail send a scanned copy of the passport (page with personal data). Image size must not exceed 100 dpi or 1 mp.