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Can Foreigners visit Mogok in 2018?

Tourist can now visit Mogok when they visit Myanmar. After a restrictions of 10 years, visitors can visit to the land ruby of Myanmar this 2019. Mogok is located 200 km north of Mandalay and about just 5 hours drives through Pyin Oo Lwin high way. Few months ago, the 800th anniversary was celebrated on a great scale where people from different towns and cities participated in this festival. It was held for 3 days from 29th of March to 31st of March 2018. Mogok is looking forward to welcome foreign tourist.

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  • Mergui Archipelago
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Myanmar Visa FAQ


This is a compiled list of questions (and their answers) that travellers frequently ask about visiting the Union of Myanmar and Myanmar visa application procedures. If you don't find the answer to your questions here, send email to the officials.

What is Multiple Journey Special Re-entry Visa?

You must have Multiple Journey Special Re-entry Visa (MJSRV) to keep the stay permit valid when leaving Myanmar.

You can apply for MJSRV as follows:

Applying for first time - 3 months or 6 months only

Applying for second time - 12 months

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How do I get an E-visa?

Ministry of Immigration & Population has launched e-Visa permitting travelers and agents to apply visa online from 1st September 2014.

Once approved, the e-visa will be valid for 90 days and once used the tourist e-visa will be for 28 days stay.


How much is the cost?

It will cost 70 USD for tourist visa and 95 USD for business visa.


Is Visa Fee refundable?

Yes, We will refund your Visa Fee according to our Terms and Conditions.


How long will it take?

It will take 3 working days to get answer on your tourist visa application & 5 working days to get an answer on your business visa application.


How do I know my partner from some other country is eligible for similar E Visa?

You can check eligibility on or email us at ,


1. Can I get a visa on arrival in Myanmar?

It used to be possible a few years ago.Visa on arrival is only available to a few nationalities now. Those nationalities are Cambodia Hong Kong (30 days) Indonesia Japan (30 days) Laos Macao (30 days) Philippines Singapore (30 days) South Korea (30 days) Thailand (for air arrivals only) Vietnam

2. How many types are visas are there in Myanmar?

There are 12 types of entry visas, and 3 types of re-entry visas as of today.

3. How much is a tourist visa to Myanmar?

It will cost 70 USD for a tourist visa to Myanmar.

4. Do US citizens need a visa to go to Myanmar?

Yes, US citizens need a visa in order to go to Myanmar.

5. How do I get an E-visa for Myanmar

You can get an E-visa via the ministry of labour, immigration, and population government website of Myanmar.

3. How much is a tourist visa to Myanmar?

It will cost 70 USD for a tourist visa to Myanmar.

Do we arrange an expact visa service?

Myanmar visa can arrange an expact visa service and it only takes 1 working day. The visa is not pre-arranged. To apply, contact

Can I print my Visa in Black and White?

Yes, you can, as long as it is clear for checking by immigration officer.

My trip is delayed and my eVisa is expired. Can you change my eVisa validity date?

We are not able change the validity dates on your eVisa. We encourage you to re-apply for another visa.

I plan to travel to Myanmar three months later, can I apply now? If not, when can I start applying?

The validity of permitted visa is (90) days.The validity of permitted visa is (90) days only. Hence, if you apply now for three months later, it is not okay. You may apply for the e-visa around 2 weeks before travelling.

May I know about the package tour coming with eVisa from Yangon International airport, are they allowed for exit at the border check points?

You can depart from (3) International Airports, Nay Pyi Taw, Mandalay, Yangon International Airports and (4) International border checkpoints Tachileik-Meisai, Myawaddy-Mesauk, Kauthaung-Yannnaung, Hteke-Phunaron entry and exit points.

Which department can I contact to ask questions regarding eVisa?

You can contact Myanmar Visa department: phone number 01-381200 or email us at , .

The Myanmar Immigration phone number 067-431125 and contact through, and .

Which payment gate can I contact?

Credit payment gate way is based in Singapore. You can email us once your payment is completed and we will verify for you.

May I know the provision of rules and regulations for visa violation?

The website of Ministry of Immigration and Population has stated the rules and regulations for passengers.

What do I need to give you to apply visa through your service?

You need to fill in Visa Application form (preferable the form at and make sure you fill Flight No. and Hotel you will stay in Myanmar.

Do we need to send our actual passports to you?

No. You do not need to send your passport at all but passport copy must be attached through email. Just fill in the application form and you can send us the passport copy by email.

How can we pay?

You can pay by PayPal, Credit Card or bank transfer. The preferred method is through PayPal at .

How long will it take to get necessary documents from you?

It takes 5 working days for business visa and 3 working days for tourist visa.

How can we do if we are going to arrive at Mandalay Airport?

You can get Pre-arranged visa on arrival for Mandalay airport which takes 3 working days to process before you get the approval.

Could you advise me how much money a visitor may need for eating, fares, entry fees, souvenirs etc. for 15 days stay in Myanmar (apart from what I will pay for Accommodations and Airfares)?

Minimum meals cost is 6 US$/meals .Entrance Fees for most popular interesting places - 5 US$/place Bagan Archaeological Zone Fees - 15 US$ + 3 US$ Museum Entrance fees Souvenir and other shopping fares is depends on your demand - 200 ~300 US$ Normally 700 to 1000 US$ should be OK for 10 days tour. It depends on your life style, of course. If you intend to buy expensive gem stones (Burmese Ruby and Jade are famous), you might need more. Check with your travel agent if you can use your credit cards here. A few can manage that for you. You may also call us Myanmar Visa at + 95-1-381200 if you need any help.

To get a business visa in Myanmar, what are the documents required?

The most important documents are your passport, colour photos, license endorsement letter from your company in Myanmar, and Invitation from your counterpart in Myanmar which can be company, Non-government organization, or Government organization.

I have a flight from Bangkok to Yangon and I need a visa. Could I do it online?

Yes. You can do it online. Please send us details by email or fill the form here.

How many days can I stay with the visa on arrival?

You can stay 28 days with tourist visa and 70 days with business visa.

What are the new rules regarding over-staying?

It is the same as before. You have to pay USD3 per day.

Hi I was born in Burma but I am Canadian passport holder. Can I get a visa on arrival (28days) at Yangon airport?

Yes. You can get it at the airport. If you are Burma born, you will be checked for black list prior to your visa approval at the airport.

Can I get double or multiple entry visa on arrival?

Visa on Arrival is for only single entry visa. For double or multiple entry, you have to apply to Myanmar Embassy.

When my tourist visa is approved, what document will I get from you?

We will email you the scan copy of the applicant’s approval list, authorized letter from Ministry of Hotel and Tourism and Yangon International Airport layout plan.

Do the members of the ASEAN countries need to apply for Myanmar Visa?

Yes, ASEAN countries need to apply Myanmar Visa except the passport holder of the countries that got exemption.

Do I need to apply tourist visa on arrival by cruise?

Cruise will be handle visa on arrival with package.

How long can I expect to get back for my refund if I cancel my visa application (or) due to changes of government policy in Myanmar?

We will refund by PayPal within 2 week if you could not use our visa approval letter (or) if the visa is not approved in time. You can either collect in cash at the airport for your refund if you wish to do so. In this case, please contact us priority by email to arrange for you ( , , )

Do I need to book tour package to gain tourist visa?

Yes, in early March the Ministry of Immigration and Population suddenly announced that prearranged visas-on-arrival (VOA) application need to submit with tour package. So please tell us your tour plan, attach your hotel reservation confirmation, transportation booking for each destination, tour guide (if) and air ticket to this email ( , , ).

Where can I exchange money to local currency?

You can exchange money at the exchange counters of the airports.

Can I use credit cards?

You can withdraw money from ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) at the airport. You can get local currency with current exchange rate.


Can I extend my tourist visa?

No, you can’t extend the tourist visa. We can only extend the business visa for you.


I am staying with social visa for 70 days and I want to extend. How long does it takes and what documents are needed?


You can extend to 3 months and it takes 3 to 4 weeks for the process. You will be only needing the passport copy.
(22nd May 2018)


Note : If you are not sure, call us at call us at 204020 when you are in Yangon.

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