Where to eat in Pyin Oo Lwin

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Almost all of Pyin Oo Lwin’s eating places offer Shan and Chinese cuisine. There are three or four Indian curry specialists, and a growing number offering Burmese mohinga and Thai recipes. There are innumerable teashops serving quite basic food (Shan noodles, for example), and many outdoor foodstalls spring up near the markets in the late afternoon. This list assumes that visitors on a tight budget will easily find places to eat authentic Myanmar meals, and includes only those eating places suitable for all visitors. One of the newer restaurants in Pyin Oo Lwin is Feel!, Kan Taw Lay, Kan Park Street, Nandar Road (on the way to the Kandawgyi National Gardens). Good service, lovely ambience both inside and outside, normal prices. Definitely worth a visit, especially in the evenings for food or a leisurely sundowner, overlooking the smaller lake below Kandawgyi National Gardens. And if a quieter ambience is needed, Woodland (see below) is highly recommended.

A11 of the higher priced hotels serve lunch and dinner, though it is always best to check iii advance that specific menus will be available. Some (eg Aung Padarnar – Indian curry shop) stop serving around 6pm. Otherwise, the choice for the visitor is generally one of ambience – inside or outside, noisy or quiet. Remember that locals eat quite early (by European standards), with lunch often starting at 11 am, and dinner from 6pm. Most restaurants stop serving by about 9pm. The more expensive restaurants tend to have constant tv (Korean Soaps) with ‘musk playing over it, but in all of them it’s possible to find a table away from most of the cacophony.

Source : The Traveller, Vol 2, No, 23

This post has already been read 365 times! Doing Business in Myanmar.

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