Dandaree Show will be presented to tourists at Palace (Nadaw Yar) from November to May

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Dandaree Show which illustrated with the about the Thiri Zayyar Bumi Bagan era about Anawyahtar king who establish the first Myanmar country and social standard will be demonstrated in Bagan palace from November to May, said by advisory U Nyi Nyi from Bagan Myanmar company.

The following speech was delivered at press conference of Dandaree Show on 9:30 am on 9 November.

“The audience will feel like they are in the Bagan era. We present this play as the promotion tool to attract the tourists to visit to Bagan,” announced by advisor U Nyi Nyi from Bagan Myanmar Company.

This Dandaree Show will be cost around USD 2 million approximately and for the demonstration will be supported from Index as lighting system and Sound system as internationally.

The job opportunities will be abundant for travel agency and other job opportunities will also achieved. This play will be performed by 42 regionals and 30 people from Index. Later, we will try to participate by all the regionals in the play,” said by the responsible person from Bagan Myanmar company.

The demonstration of play can grant the job opportunities for 200 residents in Bagan region and U Sein Maung from Mandalay dancing school and the cane ball demonstration will also participate.

This play is show with free of charges on 1, 2 and 3 November to the resident and show to tourists on 8 November and watch by 80 neon le.

Source : The Traveller, Vol 2, No, 23

This post has already been read 328 times! Doing Business in Myanmar.

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